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Operations Manager

Job Description:

An Operations Manager is in charge of directing the company’s daily activities for the benefit of employees, management, investors and customers. This requires organizing and synchronizing the activities of various managers and departments within a company and making sure the schedules, meetings and goals of each department work in harmony.


  • Ensuring all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way

  • Improving operational management systems, process and best practices

  • Helping the organization’s processes remain legally compliant

  • To lead on the development and review of policies and procedures.

  • To develop and maintain systems to identify changes in accordance with latest operational requirements, to read, interpret and utilize this information in the development and review of policies and procedures

  • To develop training packages in relation to policies and procedures in consultation with team, colleagues and to deliver training to front line staff where appropriate.

  • To work closely and collaboratively with the Business Lead or Product Manager to ensure that procedures are followed during the implementation of technical systems

  • To provide advice and guidance to the team on the implications of new legislation and policy guidance.

  • To investigate complaints and to consider where learning from complaints should be reflected in changes to policy, procedures and practice guidance.

  • Interprets data and turns it into information which can offer ways to improve a business, thus affecting business decisions

  • Create, implement and socialize Standard Operating Procedures to help scale Pluang as a business

  • Improve efficiency by documenting and creating plans for the tech team to be able to automate processes

  • Ensure daily reporting are done in an accurate and timely manner

  • Fraud handling with Customer Service team


  1. Work Experience: 4 years+ (can be less if already have experience as manager for past 1 year)

  2. Background: Operations in Fintech / Finance Industry / E-Commerce (Fintech & Finance is priority and beneficial)

  3. Skills: Need to be proficient in excel (be able to do basic excel formulas such as vlookup / indexmatch etc and create analysis reporting in excel)


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