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Relationship Manager

  1. Selling and upselling Pluang’s Priority product i.e. Gold, Mutual Fund, S&P 500, Cryptocurrency, etc.
  2. Actively acquiring and maintaining relationships with high profile accounts on behalf of Pluang Priority to achieve and maintain relationship with high profile accounts to obtain at least Rp 100 bio AUM
  3. Constantly updating yourself with recent market development and trends to capture the appropriate demand on investment products in the market
  4. Actively engaging in any source of channels to expand your MAU potential outside of the existing ones
  5. Representing Pluang Priority’s brand appropriately to ensure the sustainability of the brand


This role is a good fit if you:

  1. Are passionate about financial investing, and an avid investor yourself (either in gold, mutual funds, crypto, or other asset classes); a plus point if you’re certified to sell variety of investment products
  2. Have at least 2-5 years relevant experience handles priority account with at least Rp 150 bio AUM; in Banking/Insurance/Wealth Management Products (ex RM, Waperd, database)
  3. Proficient in maintaining and acquiring high profile accounts in investment products.
  4. Is a self starter with strong initiatives and is keen with the technology industry
  5. Possess strong interpersonal ability to communicate and influence high profile clients and interdivision within the company
  6. Certified in WPPE, CFP, QWP or RFP preferred
  7. Can join as soon as possible (1-2 weeks notice)


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